Many people don't understand why their family or friends purchase and collect fossils. Comments like, "you paid HOW much for a rock!?" are all too common. What they (and often times the collector) don't understand is that not only are fossils a gateway to a land long-forgotten, but they are also, if properly purchased, a wise investment.

     The value of medium-to-high end fossils typically doesn't deteriorate. There are only so many fossils here on Earth, and as the population of collectors grows, so does the value of the fossils.

     The key to successfully starting a collection that will appreciate is this: buy only the best fossils you can afford.
Why Buy Fossils?
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Blue Jaguar (Panthera onca) Fossil
Associated Jaguar (Panthera onca) material from Florida.
Nick's Fossils Blue Jaguar Fossil and La Brea Badger Skull
Why Buy Fossils?
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