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Paleocraftİ is dedicated to creating quality hard to find reproductions of extinct animals in the form of resin models for the hobbyist, model builder and general Paleontology enthusiast. All models are produced from original sculptures and are hand cast in association with professional mold makers.

A personal note:  I've purchased several models from Paleocraftİ and their products are top-notch.
the fossil forum
The Fossil Forum is a well-maintained forum (and an invaluable resource) for fossil collectors and enthusiasts of all levels.
paleocraft models
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Bone digger forum stan the t-rex
The Bonedigger Forum is Alberta's first and only fossil forum.  It's a great website full of information and great people. is home to numerous beautiful life-restorations by the talented Roman Uchytel.  His art is well worth a look.

Taylor Made Fossils
Looking for a hard-to-find specimen?  Taylor Made Fossils has casts and replicas of countless world-class specimens.

Nick's Fossils Blue Jaguar Fossil and La Brea Badger Skull
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